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Do Power Contractors provide R & D designs?

- Yes, we try by all means to provide the best possible solution at a reasonable price and we deliver on time.

Can you get an amplified signal from a load cell?

- Yes, load cell signals can be amplified.All outputs are available including 4-20mA (2- or 3-wire), 0-5Vdc, or 0-10Vdc.

What parameters must I submit my enquiry with when looking for a transducer?

- Input = ??(specify is it is DC/AC) Output = ?? Auxiliary supply =??(specify is it is DC/AC)

Does Power Contractors assist with electrical transducers out of their spec if they not an off the shelf item?

- Yes, we at Power Contractors try by all means to meet the specs of the customer. We manufacture transducers as per customer's specifications.